Amiata's donkey, Giada, at Villa Ciggiano

An Amiata’s donkey at Villa Ciggiano

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An Amiata’s donkey at Villa Ciggiano.

Giada, this is the name of that wonderful example of Amiata’s donkey that from yesterday, January 14, 2016, lives near the villa in a stable surrounded by a wide green area. It’s sure, we instantly fell in love with her, we welcomed a new member of our family. With its presence Villa Ciggiano becomes an even more magic place. Her face let us thinking about ancient emotions and brings us back to a past era in which people lived in harmony with nature.donkey in Tuscany, Giada, at Villa Ciggiano

But it’s not only about rediscovered authenticity. We know Giada (and she know us) since a very little time, but we are already well assured we began an intense relationship with an individual who will accompany us and our children in this wonderful adventure.

Davide, our oldest son, said he was happy imaging the time they will spend together, between tours and gaming experiences. Simona is struck by the beauty of Giada. We all felt a strong sense of gentleness and indelible friendship, despite that little suffering she must felt breaking away from her mother (and that Tamara perceives).

So… our guests will be welcomed also by her, Giada, an important part of this family. We are pride to offer the only one among the authentic luxury villas in Tuscany with a beautiful Amiata’s donkey.

Welcome Giada!