Luxury rooms in Tuscany, typical comfort

luxury rooms in tuscany

Six luxury rooms in Tuscany, surrounded by the pure nature of this region, each one offering a different view and diversified several optional. Villa Ciggiano offers in all its rooms the charm of Tuscany itself, with its refined and enticing materials, carefully selected, carved and mixed by the skillful hands of local craftsmen. Booking a vacation within the most authentic one among the luxury villas for rent in Tuscany, you will live a dreamlike holiday. Get the occasion of a perfect relaxing stay in our large rooms with bath, equipped with everything you need to spend a flawless luxury night. It’s not possible to book only a room, but the entire villa for a minimum of three days.

The light of the sun penetrates in every room and shows the exclusive furnishings made in Italy, also the artificial lighting is warm and welcoming. The bedroom’s windows reveal a spectacular sight, you could see a castle, the medieval village of Iano, or have a closer look to a wonderful olive grove.

These luxury rooms in Tuscany are located on the first floor of the house: look up to the ceiling, you will love the fascinating wooden beams of chestnut. The furniture will get you in touch with the excellent, hand crafted and bucolic luxury.

The atmosphere provides deep and sweet emotions during the night as in the morning awakening. Open your eyes and wake up in front of a delightful landscape, whit an intense smell of breakfast.