Luxury room in Tuscany with view of Iano, outstanding sight

Luxury room in Tuscany with view of Iano

A luxury room in Tuscany with view of Iano, an ancient authentic burg. This enticing sight remind to an old era: Villa Ciggiano and its area can tell stories of the past more than the other luxury villas for rent. The typical materials, the excellent reconstruction studied in each detail, will get you in touch with an archaic dimension, made up of municipal cities, battles between Guelfi and Ghibellines, fortresses and bucolic life in the countryside. A real dive in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance without losing all of the divine comfort and innovative options and luxury services of the best house among the luxury villas for rent.

A luxury room in Tuscany, the only one in the entire home showing two single beds (they can be joined if necessary), designed in order to meet every kind of need.

Lean out the window and look at the view. A luxury room with view of Iano, a small medieval town “halfway between forests of oaks and clays mattaione“. A charming place known for its wealth in minerals, mushrooms and wildlife.

A prestigious and refined luxury room in Tuscany. The view of Iano is just one of the qualities of this fascinating room. The high-quality tile design, the elegant style of every lamp shade and the large floor mirror are part of a spacious room ideal for a dreamlike vacation.