Luxury room in Tuscany with view of the castle, fascinating sight

Luxury room in Tuscany with view of the castle

The most prestigious luxury room in Tuscany. The view of an ancient castle you will enjoy from the large window, is just one of the reasons to fall in love with this room during your vacation. You will not find an equal location in the other luxury villas for rent, a master bedroom showing authenticity and luxury at the same time.

A spectacular truss made in chestnut wood set like a precious stone a sumptuous four-poster bed, perfect meeting of elegance with comfort. Fresh and polished linen will protect your peaceful dreams, you will live in an enchanted atmosphere, choose this luxury room in Tuscany.

The stunning view is combined with a luxurious environment, just take a look to the spacious bathroom with both shower and bath, able to create a charming intimacy for an ideal late evening relax. The most authentic among all the villas for rent in Tuscany opens the door to the refinement and prestige.

The elegant mirror, the soft and comfortable chaise longue, the table with chair complete a refined furniture, creating a genuine picture of an elegant Tuscan’s room.
Get used to the best, book the excellence for an unforgettable holiday inspired by a higher lifestyle (it’s possible to rent the entire villa and not only a room).