Luxury room in Tuscany with view of the magic countryside

Luxury room in Tuscany with view

An exquisite and refined luxury room in Tuscany with a view. Nobody would miss this opportunity of living in a luxury room tastefully furnished on the first floor of the most authentic luxury villas rentals.

The ceiling shows its enchanted truss made of chestnut wood and bricks in terracotta, the furnishings are designed in soft tones in order to allow the light to be the real protagonist of this luxury room in Tuscany with view. The elegant curtains remind to a past of tradition and nobility, cultivating the idea of ​​a magical stay in a dreamlike dimension of excellence, beauty and bucolic perfection.

Lean slightly from the window you can admire the landscape: from the cypresses painting the route to Villa Ciggiano, to the nearby hills, able to carve romantic natural frescos and medieval villages.

A graceful Provencal breath paints this enticing bedroom, capable of a unique blend of styles, simple, elegant, dedicated to lovers of relax and comfort.

As each room has a private bathroom with shower, decorated in style, with elegant tile design and attention to detail and customer needs. Nothing is left to chance, this sets us apart from all the other villas for rent in Tuscany.