Luxury villas in Tuscany, history of an ancient land

luxury villas in tuscany history

The luxury villas in Tuscany have a common history, which began with the agricultural roots of a site inhabited from the Etruscans for first. Really close to Villa Ciggiano is possible to appreciate an Etruscan stele dated fifth century B.C. If you take a walk towards north you will find a necropolis, which shows some signs of growing vines and olive trees since a very old time.

Founded by the Romans, this location known its development in the Communal Age, as the other luxury villas in Tuscany. History can tell about a disputed border area between Pisa and Florence, many wars involved also in the destruction of the fortress of Camporena.

In 1900 also this relais, as many farmhouses of Tuscany, was an example of a self-sufficient house surrounded by many cultivated fields, but during the fleeing to the cities in the 50 / 70s was abandoned, leaving only the memory of a flawless past.

50 years have passed and we fell in love with this hill and its history to recover to the original beauty. After a journey searching for an ideal situation, they found the perfect place to make the dream of a young couple come true.

We are now ready to welcome you with luxurious facilities to measure. Luxury country homes narrate their own history. You will be welcomed by a real family, you will get the occasion of discovering the real taste and emotions of the authentic Tuscany.