Luxury villas in Tuscany with gym, a dreamlike experience

luxury villas in tuscany with gym

Why should you reserve this location over the other luxury villas in Tuscany? The gym is one of the many answers we can give, one of the several services we will provide to. By booking a vacation in Villa Ciggiano you won’t get only the most exclusive country-house among all the villas in Tuscany for rent, but also a wide range of luxury amenities to meet the most sophisticated needs and expectations. If you are looking for a peaceful holiday, to spend with your own family, in which mixing relax, culture and wellness, this is the perfect luxury accommodation in Tuscany offering tailored performances.

Enjoy a specific program with exercise bike, rowing machine, treadmill, bench and other equipment, or request the support of a professional personal trainer able to help you to find the best physical condition. The gym is located below the living area, in front of an enticing landscape.

After a full immersion of sport in the gym, take your time and have a relaxing moment with a dip in the pool, or with a bath in the Jacuzzi. Taste your favorite traditional dishes and organic menus, combined every recipe with a wine from our cellar, where each bottle follows traditional paths in synergy with nature.