Luxury villas in Tuscany with kitchen, a flawless vacation

luxury villas in tuscany with kitchen

Luxury villas in Tuscany with a kitchen, you will get the opportunity to taste traditional and typical recipes, mixed with worldwide famous red and white wines and tailored services for every guest. It’s not a dream, Villa Ciggiano is just an unforgettable experience, designed strictly to meet your expectations. You will enjoy a private chef, Marianne, and her “culinary art”. She will cook for you and your family each authentic dish you desire and also innovative and creative foods.

She is 45 years old, she was born in Senegal and she lives in Tuscany for more than 30 years. She started working in our house about seven years ago, welcoming guests, preparing a perfect continental breakfast for them and following their desires in cooking lunch and dinner, revealing the tradition of this land and the secrets she learnt over time by knowing the inhabitants and the environment, with strong attention given to study.

Choose one of the bottles in barrels from the cellar, follow our suggestions and combine it with the typical preparations of this territory, passed down over the centuries and recently rediscovered. Our skill in focusing on our customers, the ambition to tell and provide genuine make this accommodation different from any other among the luxury villas in Tuscany. Discover our tailor-made service for a luxury break at the edge of maximum prestige and sophistication.