Luxury villas in Tuscany with wine cellar, we can meet every expectation

luxury villas in tuscany with wine cellar

When we think about the luxury villas in Tuscany, our thoughts easily go to the wine cellar, rich in precious treasures to be tasted, wines aged in oak barrels, capable of giving overwhelming sensations on the palate. We present one of our most valuable services.

All the delightful luxury farmhouse, each unforgettable location and sumptuous villas of Tuscany would be the same without the legendary production of wine? Who can resist to the charm of a wine cellar, where each bottle is placed in a stable temperature to wait for the perfect time for decantation, the exact moment to taste the charming smell and flavor?

Either if you had past experience of other luxury villas in Tuscany with wine cellar or not, you will certainly love Villa Ciggiano: we offer to our guests the opportunity to choose from a vast selection of prestigious bottles located in an enticing area carved into stone, in which the memories of the old recipes and traditions are mixed with innovative practices. Let your glass be a chance to visit the vineyards of San Gimignano, the famous Chianti region or even the Isle of Elba with secular harmonious white.

Reserve your ideal “food&wine” vacation here and discover the perfect taste of the local grapes, book your flawless stay with unexpected flavors.