Tuscany with kids, our horse, Stella

Tuscany with Kids

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Tuscany with kids, enjoy in your holidays the pleasant company of Stella, our horse

Looking for a perfect  accommodation in Tuscany with kids? If you want to live delightful holidays with your kids, choose Villa Ciggiano, the most authentic among the Tuscany villas, you will find a garden, a treehouse, a little private lake, a pool and… Giada and Stella. The first, as you can read in our recent post, is a lovely young donkey, while Stella… is our horse.

Tuscany with kids, our horse Stella

Stella is 22 years old, she is simply the new member of our family. She arrived here on January the 15th and after about two days of stress, she became the best friend of Giada. They just can’t live separated now!

She is very pretty and she is very kind with our kids. They can touch her, feed her and get the possibility of an
horseback tour in the surroundings. After a month together we are really very grateful for her sweet presence.Tuscany with kids, Giada and Stella, an horse and a donkey

The house and its park are now the most cozy place in Tuscany, where everything contribute to welcome people and create a peaceful oasis of charm and bucolic authenticity. We follow our idea every vacation should be a surprising experience, a mix of tradition, culture and unforgettable emotions.

Tuscany with kids, is there another place where you would spend your holidays?

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