Tuscany climbing, an experience of freedom

Tuscany climbing

Villa Ciggiano, everything you desire is right here. Enjoy a Tuscany climbing experience, you will find an unknown soul of this charming region. If you are a lover of climbing and of the sport in general, you will definitely appreciate the possibility of challenging yourself in this experience, designed for both beginners and skilled climbers.

Just a twenty minutes drive from our house stands the Cliff of San Vivaldo, a spectacular and unexpected natural environment in the middle of the noble countryside. The little mountain is characterized by the presence of several types of minerals and is facing south-west (frequented by athletes in winter). There are about sixty different ways (some abseiling), up to a maximum of 40 m in height.

Discover Tuscany and its tours means enjoying hiking, biking and climbing. Tuscany, from the top of these cliffs, will reveal all its beauty, giving a unique experience to the lovers, experienced or not, of climbing.

Tuscany and climbing, the famous land of wine, olive trees and vineyards, a celebrated place of wellness, culture and culinary tradition, it’s also a perfect home for each athlete. You can choose to move along the path with a multilingual instructor.