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Tuscany hiking

Tuscany and hiking, an extraordinary way to discover a charming land on foot, along its routes. The possibilities of hiking in Tuscany are numerous and different, you’ll have only to choose what to see among the several opportunities provided by the most famous region of Italy. What about a “walkabout in Tuscany”?

If you are a lover of the “Tuscany tours”, hiking is a useful resource for discovering roads and itineraries of the past, you’ll walk in the same footsteps of native populations, getting in touch with enticing sights, landmarks and cultural places. If you desire we can provide an experienced travel guide for a “Walk about Tuscany” tour.

A few steps far from Villa Ciggiano you can find a fascinating hiking circuit. It begins with the area of Castelfalfi and continues meeting the “House of the Fairy” built for the movie “Pinocchio” by Roberto Benigni (you will find it after walking through medieval fortresses and wonderful natural glimpses). The most renowned route leads to the authentic via Francigena a travel able to combine the traditional life of a territory, Tuscany, with a sublime experience of hiking in its more interesting meaning.

You will always find easily recognizable the CAI’s trails (Italian Alpine Club) and you will get the possibility of traveling along the path of the Renaissance, near Florence (a system of excursions which composed together many ancient roads), or the GEA (Great Apennine Excursion).

Tuscany and hiking, a day dedicated to the knowledge of hiking in Italy, rediscovering the pleasure of your own natural wellness, just walking.