Tuscany horseback riding, discover an enticing land

Tuscany horseback riding

Tuscany horseback riding, explore the area surrounding the house, if you are a lover of hiking you will surely love to ride on a horse through plains and trails. Choose your tours, live your adventure in the woods, surrounded by a pure stunning nature. Enjoy the territory of “clays” and the charming countryside nearby Volterra, you will be right in the center of a postcard. Your kids will surely love it, as they definitely appreciate Stella, our horse and Giada, our donkey.

Enjoying Tuscany horseback riding means to get the possibility to meet typical animals, observe a family of wild boars eating, ford a river and feel a strong freedom riding across the plain. Treks on horseback are maybe the best way to understand Tuscany and its natural environment.

Tuscany is characterized by small churches, sometimes abandoned, shelters for pilgrims and medieval routes. Enjoy hiking in the midst of crops and alongside the vineyards and the olive groves, moving through the many parks where you can watch many animals in their own habitat. We can provide to several Tuscany tours, some even suitable to spend more than a day outside, designed in order to provide an outdoor experience in a totally bucolic atmosphere. Our excellent partner is Gelsomino Ranch.

Tuscany horseback riding, find a flawless happiness. Ask us for information and we will fulfill your desires