Tuscany mountains, an enticing heaven in summer as in winter

Tuscany mountains

Tuscany mountains, explore a delightful and fascinating place, a “must”, if you are wondering about what to see in Tuscany. You will find a huge number of possible tours immersed in the pleasant beauty of the natural environment, ideal for birdwatching, breathing fresh air, hiking to volcanic lakes with pristine water, looking for mushrooms or studying the local wildlife.

What to see and choose in the great heritage of this region? Tuscany and its mountains offer unforgettable locations, luxury accommodations and typical restaurants serving traditional foods.

Follow our advices, we will recommend the paths of the Amiata mountains, where the influence of Siena gives life to a “palio” and a genuine community. The mountains near Pistoia reach the highest peaks in central Italy with Mount Gomito (1900 m.). Here you can also enjoy an excellent ski station, Abetone. The landscape you will discover is unique: Tuscany here presents a dense forest across all the mountains.

You can opt for some fantastic and captivating Tuscany tours in Lunigiana, a nothern area rich in enchanted villages inhabited, according to the many legends, by elves and fairies, while the nearby Alpi Apuane will surprise you with their seductive white color due to the extraction of marble from the quarries.