Tuscany sea, pristine water

Tuscany sea

Tuscany and the sea are two inseparable words, the Thyrrenian sea is one of the “must-visit” attractions, if you are wondering what to see in Tuscany. Choose your favourite routes, discover hidden bays and coves, explore the coastline and the several little seaside towns, in the ancient era populated by Etruscans and Romans, cradle of the entire Mediterranean civilization.

The Tuscany sea has always been one of the main avenues for trade and economic and cultural development, just think to the glorious past cities like of Pisa and Livorno. Many Tuscany tours lead to the sea, to charming places such as Baratti and its gulf or the park Sterpaia. We provide a transfer service in order to give the possibility of a relaxing day in an exclusive beach, hearing the sound of the sea and tasting the unique offer of foods and recipes of the restaurants nearby to the ports. Taste a combinations of white wine and fresh seafood, able to delight the most refined palate.

Plan your ideal stay and decide what to see in Tuscany, the sea will simply fascinate your heart. We will suggest stunning destinations and exciting locations close to Villa Ciggiano.
Open wide the door of the enchanting Tuscan sea, countryside and mountains of incomparable beauty are ready to surprise you.