Tuscan cooking class, meet our traditional world, cool the recipes of tuscany

tuscan cooking

Welcome to Villa Ciggiano, the only luxury accommodation offering a real Tuscan cooking class experience. Discover how to prepare the world wide famous recipes in our bright and spacious kitchen. Here you can watch and help cooking our chef Marianne while cooking your favorite menu, or take part in the courses on authentic Tuscan recipes and wine.

Every day you will have the opportunity to ask for a different dish, choosing the ingredients from our vegetable garden (from fruit to vegetables, to the fresh eggs from the hen house!). Enjoy the Tuscan cooking tradition, learn how to delight your palate.

Have you ever tasted the classic recipe “pici all’aglione”, the original “cacciucco alla livornese” (a fish soup) or the sweet “castagnaccio”? Open the window and take a look to Volterra and taste the slow way time goes by while preparing a “forma di fichi” or the precious sauce called “ragù fiorentino”.

We designed a space able to emphasize any aspect of the Tuscan cuisine. The Tuscan cooking class courses take place on request and are performed by a five-star chef, who will explain to the “class” the secrets and tricks to mix the typical Tuscan products, combining them at the end with the finest red and white wines. Ask us about our courses: tastings and satisfaction await you in an elegant and solar home.