Tuscan cooking class, authentic recipes

Tuscan cooking class

Enjoy our Tuscan cooking class, explore the real Tuscan cuisine: our courses, focused on typical recipes, will disclose your potential. We provide a famous teacher, a renowned Michelin-starred chef will explain the secrets of the traditional Tuscan recipes, revealing the history and the profound meaning of each combination and preparation. Take the opportunity to prepare dishes of the authentic Tuscan cuisine.

Our cooking classes take place directly in the spacious kitchen of Villa Ciggiano, designed exactly to easily play any recipe. You will know every single product of this region and learn how to assemble them according to the rules of ancient and innovative cooking.

Discover the art of making a pizza, understanding the use of different flours and yeast, learning to taste the pasta before seasoning it. Live a new artistic approach to food, a way to interpret nature and foods, exalting them with several specific processing.
Ask Massimiliano and Tamara to show all the possibilities and you will get the keys of a new, enticing, bucolic world. Open the door of the original Tuscan cuisine and be yourself a guardian of this land.