Tuscan pizza cooking class, learn how to do!

Pizza cooking class

Pizza cooking class, enjoy our courses about tuscan recipes, pizza and moreover. You will discover the secrets of an ancient culinary art, born in the southern Italy and grown in all the Belpaese. The culture of pizza is the same of the famous Italian street food, which provided a slow daily preparation, quick cooking and equally rapid distribution and consumption in the outside all around the city.

Along the centuries, after understanding the ways of processing the original pizza, the chefs of Tuscany have learned to create unique combinations and seasonings (some renowned world champions are residents in Florence).

Tuscan pizza cooking class, an opportunity not to be missed: a star chef will teach you in the spacious kitchen of Villa Ciggiano, every single thing to do to obtain a soft dough. Thanks to our course you will get the possibility to improve your skills in cooking: your guest will be astonished.

Tuscan cooking class, during your stay take the occasion of learning how to prepare a special pizza, it’s just a way to relax during your summer vacation and get in contact with this magic, surprising land.