Tuscan recipes, a travel inside the pure excellence

Tuscan recipes

Take a look to these “Tuscan recipes” you can learn to cook enjoying our “Tuscan cooking class”. They belong to the specific area surrounding Ciggiano and the other closest locations (Iano, Montaione), Tuscan recipes gathered by Dianora Fiorentino and Rino Salvestrini, two persons very fond in legends, histories and traditions of this land.

Imagine yourself sitting around a rustic table, breathe the atmosphere of a bucolic day and enjoy the smiles of the guests. If you are invited, you will find a very rich menu, but if it’s just a visit turned into a dinner, you will probably eat fried rabbit, the faster Tuscan recipe to be cooked. We invite you to taste some authentic Tuscan recipes, perfect metaphors to understand a region, dishes able to explain with the only ingredients the art of convivial, the passion and the slow work of an ancient era.

Humility and simplicity are two elements that could act as the common denominator of each dish that we present, the flavors are strong, they express a life lived day by day, in which women were supposed to work and look after the house.

Discover how to prepare the fried rabbit, the polenta balls, the sweet and strong hare, the bruschetta and the zonzelle.