Bruschetta, simplicity of the authentic recipes of tuscany


The bruschetta is perhaps the best mix between genuine products, flavor and tradition that the recipes of Tuscan cuisine can offer. The ingredients of the bruschetta are humble, but they are still ideal to exalt each other in perfect harmony.

Nowadays you can find many and varied bruschetta recipes in the books, but this dish comes from the old habit of tasting immediately the product of the harvest of the olives. After finishing the laborious work in the fields they used to go to the mill, where preparing the coals to heat the room and grill the breads. On each slice was usually first rubbed a clove of garlic and then poured a little bit of green freshly pressed oil (hence fettunta or bruschetta). It was the most delicious peasant food, able to marry the fragrance of the bread to the Tuscan extra-virgin oil.

The bruschetta was a great recipe for families, recommended by some housewives to treat children and adults in case of flu ad infiammations. Sometimes the culinary advices were accompanied by almost magical practices.

Many today also use to rub a half tomato on the bruschetta (or cut into slices and place on the bruschetta).