Fried rabbit, symbol of the entire Tuscan cooking

Fried rabbit

The fried rabbit was the favorite among the Tuscan recipes in case of unexpected visits, especially by a parent or by the landlord. It was used to offer a dish of meat to these people, so the easiest, fast and tasty thing to do, was taking a rabbit out of the cage and prepare it to be fried.

The capon (stew) was instead the “expected” recipe during the holidays, and on all the occasions to celebrate, when the family gathered around a table for a special day, a plate rather rich and expensive.

Different is the starting point for the fried rabbit: just a few minutes to have a lunch with one of the most authentic recipes.

Fried rabbit, here’s how to cook it by following the traditional method wrote by Rino Salvestrini and Dianora Fiorentino in their books.

The best parts to be fried are the two haunches up his loins, but in large families, or in presence of numerous guests, you can serve all the meat. Beat the eggs in a bowl and deep the rabbit, one at time, into egg and then into the flour. When the oil is hot, turn down to med. and add rabbit pieces, into the oil to obtain a gold, fried, side. Then flip to the other side. You can cook the fried rabbit with peanut oil.