Polenta balls, one of the recipes more characteristic in this land

polenta balls

Polenta balls, a very ancient recipe original of the territory of Montaione (and surrounding area), one of the recipes widespread in all the houses, a perfect example of the Tuscan cooking tradition. If the polenta is a common ingredient in all Italy (especially in presence of mountain and cold weather), the polenta balls are known as an authentic Tuscan dish.

The preparation is simple and fast, it reminds us to an era made of peasant cooking, in which families tried to obtain the best from all the ingredients. This version of the polenta balls collected in the memories of Iano, Ciggiano and neighboring countries from Dianora Fiorentino and Rino Salvestrini focuses mainly on the sauce, made on a base of leeks (put to fry in a pan) and sausage (when available). The polenta was cooked to be soft, but thick, in order to be served with a spoon in semisolid balls. To the excellent polenta balls were joined the seasoning and the parmigiano cheese.

In some homes it was used to prepare it with chestnut flour, sometimes easier to raise than the other.