Zonzelle, recipes of the tuscan cooking world


Zonzelle, a dish which took its origin from a tradition of ancient recipes of the peasant food. Tuscany was a place where nothing was left to chance, the day was marked by the hard work, everyone had a specific essential role in the everyday life. Zonzelle recipes… their flavor can remind to a past and old era, telling about the dough (which have to rest for a long time), about a slowly daily routine in general.

Zonzelle were cooked principally by the housewives. Sometimes women worked to the vineyards’ and wheat harvest, they collected wood and pruned of vines and olive trees and absolutely they were supposed to prepare bread. Zonzelle were prepared by the same housewife who was taking care of the yeast of the previous week, the arrangement of the loaves on a special table, a real master in setting the oven.

After preparing the ingredients and adding a pinch of salt, the mixture was cut into slices. Just a few moments of cooking in boiling oil and Zonzelle were ready, the most captivating among the Tuscan recipes. Thanks to their pleasant crunchiness they are perfect to accompany almost every dish, from the vegetables to the meat.